Basic Skill books (Gallente & Minmitar Industrial) NOW RARE and HARD TO FIND?


I tried searching through forums and internet for information on when change to Gallente & Minmitar Industrial skill books no longer seeded with NPC at 500k isk and available throughout most regions. Since early Dec 2021 these books are now hard to find and cost about 25x old price. I believe this changed in patch 19.11, but perhaps it is in a different patch or I overlooked the change for this in 19.11.

If anyone knows which patch changed this could you point it out?


Leto 2nd Atreides

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Not mentioned in patch notes. Spike in market data will be best hint.

You can still inject those skill books via skill window.

That’s the only way to do it nowadays. No word at all from CCP even though it has been mentioned multiple times now.


Thank you Small Kitty Paws & Zhalyd Lyehin.

I didn’t realize this has been mentioned several times already, should have searched harder to find info.

It’s odd that it wasn’t mentioned in patch notes …could it have been a mistake?

Poor new players that get confused and mistakenly buy this on market. Older players should be able to afford mistake. I remember when I first started playing and 12 or 13 mill isk was a lot.

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didn’t you find the answer?
I also asked this questions in game, but everyone just told me how to auto inject, how the market is regional, or how to search skill book in a market.

but the answer really i want is why? not how


Me and other people in my corp ran in to the same problem. Anyone got a new insight on things?
Market history shows this seems to have been going on since mid December?

I get all my skills in the skill window. I just buy and inject them, the cost is already set.

It’s way easier now than it was before, no need to haul books and sit on them until your skill up.

However, injecting from the Skills Page will incur x% over normal seeding cost (about 10%-15%?) penalty over market cost, which is why I normally still try to find them on the market. Apparently some are no longer available there…

Puts my hand up. There’s an entire market in those ‘proof’ documents for mission completion, and in skills documents. The former are undoubtedly useful, as although I now realise how easy the proof documents are to find…it did not seem that way at the time.

But the latter are a scam. I’ve early on bought skills documents, simply not realising they are the same as what’s in the skills menu. But heck…if they are worth 20 times as much now, maybe I wasn’t such a fool after all as I kept all of them :slight_smile:

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