Where are Industrial Reconfiguration Skill Books seeded or for sale?

Anyone know the Station or system they are in?

Probably removed without notice just like the Exhumer and Mining Barge Skill Books. Maybe @CSM knows something about this? This has been an issue since the mining changes were introduced in November and not a single word about it from CCP.


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I have a couple new Omega Alt Accounts and I am looking to train them into the New Compression Skills- but I need to buy Industrial Reconfiguration Skill Book 1st before I can train them into Compression skills. I see unfulfilled ?Buy Orders: in Jita at 200 million ISK for Industrial Reconfiguration skill book that originally cost about 30mm when it was on the market.

You need to buy them via the skill sheet. There they should only cost 30% more than what they used to cost in the NPC sell orders.


ok thanks.

I bought the skillbook from NPC back in December and have it trained to level 5 but it no longer appears to be available on the TQ market. It is available on the Singularity market - seeded at all schools for 20 million ISK. Not sure why they pulled it from TQ.

It’s bugged. See: Version 20.02 - Known Issues (PC) - #57 by John_Snowfox

Pretty sure if @ isd doesn’t work that way, i’m sure @ csm doesn’t either… you need to tag an actual CSM person. @Brisc_Rubal

You buy these from your skill queue.

Why aren’t they in schools like other skills then? Whats the explanation? other than “it takes more isk out of the players”.

It’s easier for them to code, it’s quicker and more convenient for the players.

They are supposed to be seeded on the market though, right? They were up until around December 10, then they and some other random skillbooks disappeared from the market: Version 20.02 - Known Issues (PC) - #40 by John_Snowfox

Is this just speculation or do you actually know if they removed them from the Tranquility market intentionally?

I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended.

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Could you ask? As has been noted skills have been disappearing from the market for a while now, With (as far as I have seen) no comment from CCP.

I can ask, but if CCP doesn’t release the info, I can’t either.

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