[May 2019] Triglavian Industry Changes

Hello again!

In late May we will have several changes and additions surrounding the Triglavians and their technology. There will be new ships, new module variations, and changes to faction weapon variations that allow the use of tech II ammo to name a few.

We are going to use this release as an opportunity to adjust some aspects of Triglavian ship and module production. Below we will share details for those changes with the aim of giving you ample time to adjust your production strategies and give us feedback on the changes.

Tech II Ships

Several changes are being made to tech II Triglavian ship production to add more precursor flavor and establish consistency.

New Skills – We will be Introducing two new skills: Triglavian Encryption Methods and Triglavian Quantum Engineering which will be required for invention and manufacturing of Tech II Triglavian Ships.

New Datacores – A new Datacore will be added: Triglavian Quantum Engineering which will be used for Invention of tech II Triglavian ships and Entropic Disintegrators.

New Components – We will be adding 5 new tech II component types for use in Tech II Triglavian ship production.

  • Radiation Absorption Thruster
  • Singularity Radiation Converter
  • Zero-Point Field Manipulator
  • Trinary State Processor
  • Lattice Locked Dekaisogen

The Zarmazd – All of the above changes will retroactively be applied to the Zarmazd to make Tech II ship production consistent for the whole line.

Note: In all cases where a new material is added to requirements for production or invention it will replace an existing one, not be added on top.

Faction ‘Veles’ Entropic Disintegrators

Veles Disintegrators have been cheaper than tech II since the release of the Abyss due mostly to dropping fully built. This was not ideal but at least there was a meaningful tradeoff vs tech II as Veles variations did not have access to tech II ammo. With that changing in May, we also need to address the cost issue.

  • Faction Disintegrator variations will now drop as blueprints
  • Producing Faction Disintegrators will now require a Tech II Disintegrator of the appropriate size as a build material.
  • Producing Faction Disintegrators will now require the skill Triglavian Quantum Engineering

Exotic Plasma Charges

We are not happy with the relative price of Tech I and Tech II Exotic Plasma Charges. Tech I prices have been much higher than Tech II for a variety of reasons and Disintegrator ammo in general is quite expensive relative to other ammo types.

  • All Tech I Exotic Plasma Charge Blueprints will now produce 5000 units (was 1000 units)

This should leave tech II prices in a similar place but drive tech I prices down substantially.

None of these changes should be considered final but we hope this announcement allows some time for you to adjust your production plans and give us feedback.

Thanks, and fly safe!


is this why brisc was banned


yes this was final coffin nail to brisc career in eve online and csm membership. i gues this leaked and that why triglavian related items prices spiked. …

i guess some informations should never be handed out to CSM membeship to prevent integrity breach and leaks that lead to market manipulation

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Sounds good! Also, are there any plans or ideas for adjustments to reprocessing for meta versions of the disintegrators? As is, there’s absolutely no incentive to build them - the material cost is completely out of scale with the market price, given how many dropped in the early days as full modules. I know there’s a lot to consider there, but I’ve also got an ever-increasing stockpile of meta BPCs that I have nothing to do with :broken_heart:


How will the skills/datacores and component BPOs be seeded in game?

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can confirm pando and dark shines bought up all the Radiation Absorption Thrusters, Singularity Radiation Converters, Zero-Point Field Manipulators, Trinary State Processors and Lattice Locked Dekaisogens as well as all the Triglavian Quantum Engineering Datacores.

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data sites/relic sites i guess probably all data/relics will have this so peoplewould begin hunt for data sites since they were still crppy and not worthy opening. with triglavian datacores it will change

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Another note, will we ever be getting a Svarog Entropic Radiation Sink? While they still lack both a faction damage mod & rigs, the damage mod seems like it’d be the easier one to implement, and it’d fill out the clade-named items~

Two, can the naming schemes of the faction EDs be looked at @CCP_Rise ?

All other faction turrets use faction → size → turret for a naming scheme, while faction Entropic Disintegrators use size → faction → turret instead. Even the faction Muta RR has the correct naming scheme, leaving just the turrets out of place. (I submitted a BR for this a while back, too - EBR-173929)


Heavy Veles Entropic Disintegrator
True Sansha Tachyon Beam Laser
Perun Heavy Mutadaptive Armor Repairer


You reckon they will occur in all data/relics through the cluster? Aren’t the ship skills in the abyss only?

Will t2 BS ship cost as much as capital…
…will it be quasi capital?

Definitely agree with you that it’s an issue. Don’t have a plan to deal with that yet but will try and get to that soon.


For that matter, will Tech II sinks become normal T2 items, or continue to be weirdo hybrid meta items for build purposes?

Are the new components materials that drop, or are they manufactured, like existing Tech 2 construction components?

I can’t say much about the sourcing at the moment since it’s related to some new content. More info soon.


Great! Quite exciting for new indy content and opportunities. Thanks!

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swoon consider me intrigued!

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any plans for drone dda and disintegrator mutaplasmids?
And do you also take a look at abyssal pvp loot crate, since you mostly get trash of it. Maybe these items could be dropped there.

But these changes sound interesting.

I guess the question is build Zarmazds and invent T2 BPCs now, or wait to post patch?

In the past, there have been huge price spikes on release due to a dearth of materials.

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I’d rather see drone mutaplasmids than dda mutas, that’d be a lot more fun - multi-use mutaplasmids for x number of drones~ “Unstable Heavy Vila Mutaplasmid”, etc etc.

ooh - will definitely keep an even closer eye on the puzzles and whispers :wink: :small_red_triangle:

I am kinda unhappy about this. Unless something else changes, this is only going to drive up the already annoyingly high price of actually outfitting a trig ship. Right now, a damavik is 70 mil, and giving it a proper gun (no, meta doesn’t count) adds another 30 with the Veles disintegrator. (Or, rather, it was 30 until everyone ran to the market and bought them all out in response to this announcement.) With this change, now the minimum price for actually fitting out a damavik is going to be at least as large as the cost of the hull itself, which seems wrong for a simple T2 fit. A T2 frigate gun should not cost 60 mil! The build costs of the disintegrator guns need looking at.