Books, and remote upload

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Hi, I thought a few days ago about why you can not download the skills remotely. After all, the skills are loaded onto a drive called a “book”. It is quite logical that skills can be downloaded remotely as information, rather than read as books.
P.S. This would be more logical than using syringes at a distance of 20 systems or more.

(MinerArt) #2

Some books are not for self and as such would be pointless to purchase at a distance. Some books are kept onhand so that they can be gifed to others. If we remove the requirement for having an object why have the object in the first place?

Because not all books are freely available everywhere. Mining Connections for example…

(Nasar Vyron) #3

Notice he is just saying remote inject skills. Not remove the books entirely. I see no problem with this at all, I was actually expecting them to do this when they introduced injectors and allowed for their remote use.

It’s really hard to make a counter point to this when they allow for remote skill injection and the existence of the plex vault (and being able to move to vault remotely as well).

Hell all the books have been are an inconvenience at best anymore, even less so since jumping between clones in a citadel no longer causes a timer. Install clone at citadel, jump into blank clone, set home station to school, self destruct pod, load up on needed skill books move around in your pod as needed, jump clone back, reset home station. Done. You have gotten your skillbooks, and it took less than 3 minutes risk free.

(MinerArt) #4

It also cost you isk for the jump clone.

(Nasar Vyron) #5

Are you really trying to use a 900k fee as a reason to keep this around? A fee that would be used maybe once a year for this purpose unless they were bad at planning ahead, in which case it’s an unknown.

You’re really trying to grasp at straws aren’t you? This joke of a jump clone fee is quite literally nothing to anyone, even alphas. CCP did far more damage to isk dumps when they decided to not include the normal taxes in citadels. And even worse when you go back in time to the introduction of PI which replaced an even more massive isk dump from when you had to buy them from NPC sell orders. Replacing that system with these measly fees the few people who actually do PI have to pay out on planet (and those few Interbus POCOs that still mysteriously still exist) all in the name of making them player-made.

CCP could literally allow remote injection or activation of skills straight through the Character Sheet for double the price and people wouldn’t bat an eye for the simple fact that it saves a little time. In fact the only way such a double of prices becomes remotely painful is when you specifically look at the carrier and titan skillbooks. Which with today’s proliferation due to injectors and ease of isk printing (largely due to carriers themselves) could stand to cost more anyway.

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