What Is The Point Of 'Meta' Trig Weapon Blueprints

I finally decided to give the abyss a try, I hadn’t done so before because of my terrible internet. I completed several runs before my internet went out while I was in a pocket with my mids overheated, reconnected, all mids burned out, got popped, oh well no abyss for me.

I looked over the loot I got from my completed runs and found several “Compact” and “Scoped” blueprints. It looks like the material requirements for these blueprints far outweigh the finished product’s value by an astronomical amount. The large modules only seem to go for about 3 mil but their material requirements are well over 60 mil. What’s up with that? What am I missing?

Loot drops depressing the prices? No one actually building these meta versions for general use because they are pointless since faction or T2 are better and Trig Shits ships don’t need to compromise on modules due to ample fitting resources?

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I wasn’t aware these modules could be dropped, if I may ask, where are they dropped from?

I don’t know if they really drop but it would explain the price difference. If they do drop, they probably come from Trig Shits NPC in Poochven or MV systems.

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Pochven doesn’t drop BPCs, it must be from the instances.

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