Tech 1 Blueprint Not Available?


I’m looking for a blueprint: Entropic Radiation Sink I Blueprint

It’s tech 1, so shouldn’t it be generated by the NPCs?

Just wondering, maybe it was removed from the game… any help on how this works would be very much appreciated!


That is a Triglavian module, so it is not sold by the regular NPC stores. I think you get the blueprint copies in abyssal sites.

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All Trig modules, turrets and ships are only available as BPC’s from drops or on contract.

There is no BPO’s.

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No, not all T1 blueprints are sold by NPCs - many are also drops from npc wrecks. Is that “generated by”? I guess, but you have to kill them and take them, not give them ISK.

The one you mention drops as a BPC from Triglavian NPC kills. If you want want though, it will almost certainly be easier to by one one from a contract than to try to farm one yourself. If I recall, that BPC isn’t even that expensive.

i am pretty sure i have some sleeping in my hangar in Jita. If i have some, i will contract them to you, Vaunguard (for free)

edit: contracted one to Vaungard in Perimeter. Have fun

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The Entropic Radiation Sink I Blueprint Original is listed on the market but none are currently available. There are a couple of buy orders up in Jita with an offer price of 35 million. There are plenty of blueprint copies available on contract.



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