Add Veles Entropic Radiation Sinks to Abyss

I find it very odd that all other faction BPCs drop in the Abyss (Veles disintegrators, perun remote armor repair) but the Veles entropic radiation sink does not. I can only assume it comes from Pochven sites.

I understand the Zorya’s faction modules coming from Pochven, but why not the radiation sinks. It is like a hole in the loot table. You can’t get it from abyss and you can’t buy it from the trig LP store. I mean, come on. It makes no sense.

Please add Veles Entropic Radiation sink blueprints to the abyss loot tables and trig LP stores and fix what seems to be an obvious oversight! Thank you.


For the sake of making things easier to understand (K.I.S.S.), I have to agree: If all the other Veles’ BPCs drop in Abyssal Traces, so should the Radiation Sink BPCs. Would help to lower their prices as well, which wouldn’t be the worst thing (looking at the recent nerf to trig guns).