Veles entropic radiation sinks and zorya's disintegrators?

These modules got introduced in the Invasion expansion 1 month ago and they have appearently still not made it into the hands of capsuleers.

When will these modules get available to players, or better to say, will they ever become available to players?

The modules I talk about:

  • Veles entropic radiation sink(should probably come from abyssal deadspace, but never got one)
  • Zorya’s entropic radiation sink(should come from zorya npc in invasions)
  • Zorya’s entropic disintegrator(see above)

just curious…

They are officer loot, are they not? Purple, right?

Should drop from Zorya officers in world ark sites. But right, they are officer grade, so I would assume also officer rare. The world ark sites are only in game for a couple days.

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yeah the zorya modules yes, but the veles is not

ohh appearently a veles entropic rad sink has been looted somewhere, there is an abyssal one with a veles entropic radsink for sale right now in jita on contracts

and the first Veles radsink is on the market in Jita for 2.4 bil

but still takes me wonder where they drop and why it took over a month for players to get access to them. Do they drop from invasions or in abyssal space?

And the Zorya modules can’t be so rare as there are a lot of zorya rats in invasions from what I have seen on YT, like one per site or so.

There are tons of Zoryas. But not all are officers. So regular Zoryas will not drop officer items.

I’d say most players that have got these are currently keeping them.

Once they have enough, they’ll most likely put on market after corp m8s have had first option.

If you see the Jita market (data), you will see that the average price is around 1B. Four of them were sold.

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