Zorya’s Heavy Entropic Disintegrator 30 Billion [SOLD]

Zorya’s Entropic Radiation Sink Ingame !! 14 Billion


Pm me with offers !

I think quickswipe his selling his rad sink for 20b

Good to know mate.

To The Top !



To the topp

Here, a free bump. Could you please just tell me how did you acquire those modules? Was it the Triglavian invasion, or Abyssal pockets?

I have tried everything in those two scenarios, but either I was not lucky, or the modules drop somewhere else. :’(

I heard its from the World Arc.

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OK … that’s what I have thought from the first place.

Eight world ARKs later … still no sign of purple.

What is a world arc?

Take Both for Cheap price !

15b for the gun

Bump !

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