WTS Triglavian officer mod's

Jita 4-4, sold by CONTRACTS only, no trade scam or w/e.

Zorya’s Heavy entropic disintegrator 2x
Zorya’s entropic radiation sink 2x

Email me IG or post here to contact me.


How much are you willing to do for 1x Jump Bridge Array and 2x Doomsday mount?

Email sent IG

Any all in one go bulk deal?

Free bump :ok_hand:

Yes i can make a discount for bulk purchase, but if you plan on re-selling him sure you won’t like my price. If you are actually interested mail me an offer

Well that saves us both time thanks :ok_hand:

Raven IGC Victory skin - can i have it for 1 b ? Please !?

Sure ill contract in a couple min

Looking forward. I’ll be able to claim it in 1-2 H.
Thank you.



Hi, contract to me the Apostle BPO, thanks

Sorry Bertrand, i had an offer by IG mail for it and 2 super cap BPO, i sold them as a bulk :s

Looking to buy 1 each of all Capital Component BPOs used in dreads/carriers (no DD/jump bridge/clone vat). Do you have a full set available? Not sure if your OP is updated.

It is, i sent you an eve-mail.

Replied to mail.

Make me a good deal and I’ll buy your remaining cap parts

Hey Korbin, i sent you a mail IG.

Replied to ya

Sold to mister, i only have 2 bpo’s left so now i mostly sell tournament skins :wink: