WTS - Officer - Zorya's Light Entropic Disintegrator


Officer - Zorya’s Light Entropic Disintegrator - 700 Bilion

no less, but you can offer more if you like, not negotiable, if you have something else to write, coments are nice weclome.

700 bil? the Medium sells for 3.7 bil


I take it for 700m contract it to me

700b? For such price this mofo should disintegrate KS in a single shot.

750mil if you still have it

Yeah that’s a reasonable price.

I’ll keep the bidding going at 800m. Contract it to me at 850 for quick-sell right now :wink:

Billions lol

I think you ment Millions

i can sell you it for 600b if you want lol


yes 700 bilions


on the Jita market there is one up for 1.5 bil atm

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