Officer gun and mod Shaqil's Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

I am looking for Shaqil’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane and Zorya’s Heavy Entropic Disintegrator and the Zorya’s Entropic Radiation Sink send me a In-game if you have any of the items for sale. We can talk about the price Thank you for looking at this post.

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bump! 4 a friend. my rich ass friend, whom i dont ask much from, but i do ask you to sell him this stuff ;p


ohhhh i was just opening this up to bump it to lucas, i am saving this to my bookmarks, you gonna have to tell me when someone sells you this stuff… lolz

Know of a discord server that does buy/sell of abyssal mod’d items for ingame isk or trade.

Message me in game and will send link once home.

I will Lol


Bump bump!

Abyssal ADC has bin sold to me just looking for other gun and damge mod




Bump bump for the officer

bumpedy bump bump bump bump for the officer stuff… whatever it is he needs. lolz, bump

baahhhhh bump


Lucas, message me

bump bump bump and bump you too

Edit: You blocked me , looking for someone else to dump those mods :smiley:

Mail sent !