Officer gun and mod Shaqil's Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

(Lucas hurley) #1

I am looking for Shaqil’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane and Zorya’s Heavy Entropic Disintegrator and the Zorya’s Entropic Radiation Sink send me a In-game if you have any of the items for sale. We can talk about the price Thank you for looking at this post.

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(Kera Frost) #2

bump! 4 a friend. my rich ass friend, whom i dont ask much from, but i do ask you to sell him this stuff ;p

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ohhhh i was just opening this up to bump it to lucas, i am saving this to my bookmarks, you gonna have to tell me when someone sells you this stuff… lolz

(dewk) #5

Know of a discord server that does buy/sell of abyssal mod’d items for ingame isk or trade.

Message me in game and will send link once home.

(Lucas hurley) #6

I will Lol

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Bump bump!

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Abyssal ADC has bin sold to me just looking for other gun and damge mod

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Bump bump for the officer