WTS Officer mods

Location: Jita 4-4


  • Chelm’s Modified EM Armor Hardener 2.2B


  • Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer 1.1B

  • Draclira’s Modified Multispectrum Coating 3.9B

Message in-game or comment.
Prices are negotiable.


Welcome to the trade of officer mods. I see you’re new. Newsflash: the combined turnover of these mods is 20 per year with an average of 30k players online, or 0.00067 per player per year. The average daily views here is (generously) 100. So, with “fair” prices expect to sell 1 mod every 15 years.

The fact that players here are more space rich probably balances out the fact that no one comes here looking for fair prices. Even if its a 15:1 ratio you’ll get 1 sale per year.

Offering 5.2b for everything

i see, thanks for your input and offer. Iv sold officer mods before and the “1 sale per year” does not seem to apply, altho i might have been lucky a few times.

But i’m in no rush to sell these mods, thank you for your time.

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nav comp for 1b to me pls

Contract up!

accepted, ty



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Price updated for EM Hardener.