WTS Officer mods

Location: Jita 4-4

Chelm’s Modified EM Armor Hardener 4B

For anyone saying that hight tier officer hardeners resist profiles are the same as an x-type, they are not.
Go in-game and check your facts again.

This literally changed yesterday

Meta Level changes:

  • Faction Meta 9 → Meta 8
  • C-Type Deadspace Meta 11 → Meta 10
  • A-Type Deadspace Meta 13 → Meta 14
  • X-Type Deadspace Meta 14 → Meta 16
  • Officer Meta 12 → Meta 13
  • Officer Meta 13 → Meta 15
  • Officer Meta 14 → Meta 17

Draclira’s Modified Multispectrum Coating 5B

Unit P-343554’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer 1.2B

Prices are non-negotiable.

Chelm’s Modified EM Armor Hardener might be changed to a higher or lower value, depending on how the market will react to the changes. Keeping it at 4B right now due to uncertainty.

In the same patch, all coatings and more had their values changed, thus raising the value of them ever so slightly.

Old value in ()
Draclira’s Modified Multispectrum Coating: All Resistances -23.63 (-20.6)

My interpretation of this makes me value it at 5B, Currently buy orders in jita sits at 2.5B, and those are grossly underestimated. Ofc I understand that it’s intentional on their part.

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Closed at OP’s polite request.

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