WTS - Officer mods in Jita 4-4. Chelm, Cormack, Tobias' Web & scram, etcetc

I have the following items up for sale. Happy to contract them out of Jita 4-4 CNAP. List is as follows;
1x Chelm’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - 16b
1x Cormack’s Modified Damage Control - 50b
1x Cormack’s Modified Magnetic Field Stabilizer - 11b
2x Cormack’s Modified Tracking Computer - 9b each
2x Draclira’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb - 16b each
1x Kaikka’s Modified Cloaking Device - 1b (ew - meta 11)
2x Tobias’ Modified Stasis Webifier - 44b each

I also have a complete set of Draclira’s passive lows available for 12b
1x Draclira’s Modified EM Energized Membrane
1x Draclira’s Modified Explosive Energized Membrane
1x Draclira’s Modified Kinetic Energized Membrane
1x Draclira’s Modified Thermal Energized Membrane

Sold Items
2x Draclira’s Modified Multispectrum Energized Membrane - 40b each
2x Draclira’s Modified Cap Recharger - 14b each
2x Cormack’s Modified Sensor Booster - 5b each
3x Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Damage Amplifier - 14b each or 13b each if you buy all three in one go
1x Tobias’ Modified Heavy Warp Disruptor - 18b


Hi, how to contact? Thank you!

here or evemail is fine.

I’ll take a drac EANM pls. Contract it to this toon, thanks.

Contract me both cormack’s sebos please.

Contact me on discord Cable#0950

Thank you - contracts up.

Will sort this in the next 11 hours, am away travelling this evening, so can’t login. Will sort it then.

Have dropped you an invite on Discord.

bump for the day

Back upto the top with you.

And back up to the top with youuuu

Mods still for sale!

contract the passiv set to toobelisches pls

bump, I guess ?

up to the top - some items have sold on the Jita market.

List updated

Still some super shiny officer mods for sale !

up up up

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