WTS collection of Officer Mods

(kn1ghtmare) #1

Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier x2 - 8.5b each or 16.5b for both
Gotan’s Modified Large Proton Smartbomb - 6.5b
Chelm’s Modified Armor EM Hardener - 1.3b

Feel free to make offers, etc. Not in a huge hurry to sell but happy to haggle.

(kn1ghtmare) #5

Bump, all items are in Jita now and ready to sell. Let me know if interested.

(Alocose) #6

My offer stands for the next few hours then I am retracting it.

(kn1ghtmare) #7

Bump for price decrease and visibility.

(kn1ghtmare) #8

Bumpity bump. Items still available in Jita.

(kn1ghtmare) #9

Weekend bump. Things still for sale. Hit me up.

(kn1ghtmare) #10

New week, new prices, new bump.

(kn1ghtmare) #11

bump for updates. many mods still available.

(kn1ghtmare) #12

Weekend bump. I may have some new mods coming soon as well.

(kn1ghtmare) #13

Added new mods

(kn1ghtmare) #14

Still items for sale. Make an offer.

(kn1ghtmare) #15

Weekly bump. Many mods still for sale.

(kn1ghtmare) #16

Bumping for the weekend. Mods for sale

(kn1ghtmare) #17

All prices updated.

(Iedan) #18

will offer 5b for the estamels cloak

(kn1ghtmare) #19

I could sell to a buy order for that price. 5.5b is lowest price I’ll go.

(wild ride) #20

Selynne’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer - 1b
Brokara’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer - 780m
Tairei’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer x2 - 780m or both for 1.45b
Estamel’s Modified Cloaking Device - 5.5b

All for 8 bil

(kn1ghtmare) #21

Not dropping the price on the cloak any further, but I can do 8.5 for the ones you listed.

(kn1ghtmare) #22

Many mods still available. Weekend bump!

(kn1ghtmare) #23

edit and bump