WTS collection of Officer Mods

Mizuro’s Modified Stasis Webifier x2 - 8.5b each or 16.5b for both
Gotan’s Modified Large Proton Smartbomb - 6.5b
Chelm’s Modified Armor EM Hardener - 1.3b

Feel free to make offers, etc. Not in a huge hurry to sell but happy to haggle.

Bump, all items are in Jita now and ready to sell. Let me know if interested.

My offer stands for the next few hours then I am retracting it.

Bump for price decrease and visibility.

Bumpity bump. Items still available in Jita.

Weekend bump. Things still for sale. Hit me up.

New week, new prices, new bump.

bump for updates. many mods still available.

Weekend bump. I may have some new mods coming soon as well.

Added new mods

Still items for sale. Make an offer.

Weekly bump. Many mods still for sale.

Bumping for the weekend. Mods for sale

All prices updated.

will offer 5b for the estamels cloak

I could sell to a buy order for that price. 5.5b is lowest price I’ll go.

Selynne’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer - 1b
Brokara’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer - 780m
Tairei’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer x2 - 780m or both for 1.45b
Estamel’s Modified Cloaking Device - 5.5b

All for 8 bil

Not dropping the price on the cloak any further, but I can do 8.5 for the ones you listed.

Many mods still available. Weekend bump!

edit and bump