WTS Officer Mods - Full Chelm/Cormack Passive set and more

All items are in Jita 4-4 unless otherwise noted

2 x Brokara’s Modified Cap Rechargers - 1.4b each
Selynne’s Modified Large Emp SB - 4.5b
Mizuro’s Modified Statsis Web - 9b
Vizan’s Modified Heavy Energy Neut - 1.7b

Chelm’s Modified Energized Kinetic Membrane - 6b
Chelm’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane - 6b
Cormack’s Modified Energized EM Membrane - 6b
Cormack’s Modified Energized Explosive Membrane - 6b
20b for the full set

Will be considering best offer for everything as well.

hardener set sold, everything else still available

Contract 1 neut to me, I’ll accept when I next log in.


back to the top, 1 neut sold, more mods still available

bump to the top

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