WTS collection of Officer Mods

(kn1ghtmare) #24

Cloak sold, other mods still available.

(Doodlebop Thornberry) #25

Ill take Chelm’s Modified Armor EM Hardener - 1.3b

(Sabrephenix Pacht-Feng) #26


(Ms Unid) #27

I’ll offer you 3b for all 4 neuts (2 tairei & 1 selynne & 1 Brokara)

(kn1ghtmare) #28

Contract is up

(Ms Unid) #29

Idk if i spent too long or, but I am around again now. Please mail me when you put up the contract so I can log in and accept it.

(kn1ghtmare) #30

Yes sorry, was a bit too long, I left the contract for a week and then it cancelled. I sold one of the neuts so now I only have the 2 tairei and the Brokara. I’ll do the three remaining for 2.1b. Let me know if you still want them.

(James Franco) #31

I’ll take the tairei ones for 1.4b.

(kn1ghtmare) #32

Going to wait to hear from Ms Unid first. Will let you know.

(Ms Unid) #33

Mail sent

(kn1ghtmare) #34

All neuts are sold. Edited to show remaining mods

(kn1ghtmare) #35

Still selling, these mods make great Christmas gifts!

(kn1ghtmare) #36

Please buy these mods so I can finally be free!

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