WTS Officer Modules (Mass Discounts!)

All modules are located on Jita 4-4

2x Brokara’s Modified Energized EM Membrane 550m each (1b for both)
1x Brynn’s Modified 500MN Microwarpdrive 750m
8x Kaikka’s Modified Dual 250mm Railgun 1.8b each (14b if you take all)
1x Kaikka’s Modified Multispectral ECM 700m
1x Setele’s Modified 100MN Afterburner 1,3b
1x Setele’s Modified Reactor Control Unit 500m
2x Thon’s Modified Cloaking Device 2,3b each (4,25b for both)
1x Thon’s Modified Multispectral ECM 900m
2x Gotan’s Modified Heavy Warp Scrambler 10b each (19b for both)
1x Chelm’s Modified Heavy Capacitor Booster 1,6b
1x Tairei’s Modified Heavy Capacitor Booster 500m

I will do custom discounts if you take a combination of multiple modules :slight_smile:

All of them are still available! :blush:

I’ll take this pls,

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Selynne’s Modified Large Armor Repairer is now sold
But many other things are still available :hugs:

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All listed items are still available! Also added two more to the collection :blush:
You can always answer here or write me a mail in-game if you’re interested :sunny:

Still available and looking for a buyer :smile:

Still available! :blush:

Available again! :slight_smile:

Still available :slight_smile:

Price for the Chelm Cap booster and Setele AB together?

We can do 2.75b for both together :slight_smile:

sure contract to Chemo Carl please.

Contract is up

I’ll take the reactor control, contract this toon :slight_smile:

Contract is up! Thanks :slight_smile:

1.5 thon’s cloak (1.9 sells/900m buys) my offer is fair

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