WTS Officer Mods

PM me your serious offers or post below
I have some prices in my mind, if you hit the goal you’ll get it
(Location Jita/ Contract only)
For sale:

Unit D-34343’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link
Tairei’s Modified Heavy Energy Nosferatu
Chelm’s Modified Armor Thermal Hardener
Chelm’s Modified Armor Kinetic Hardener
Chelm’s Modified Armor Explosive Hardener
Chelm’s Modified Armor EM Hardener
Ahremen’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

Small Abyssal Ancillary Armor Repairer


2b isk



I wonder if you are trying to sell all these modules like you were trying to sell it to me. “It’s worth much more than lowest Jita sell, since you (referring to me) put that one up to manipulate the market price”.

are you sad that you do not get it for a throwaway price?

How much for NOS?

mail sent

How much for the Chelm’s hardener set?

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