WTS Highest Meta Purple Mods PRICES REDUCED

Open to offers

Located in Jita:

10b for the set

  • Chelm’s Modified Armor EM Hardener
  • Chelm’s Modified Armor Explosive Hardener
  • Chelm’s Modified Armor Kinetic Hardener
  • Chelm’s Modified Armor Thermal Hardener
  • Chelm’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane x2 - Sold for 70b
  • Chelm’s Modified Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane - Sold for 33b
    Sold for 20b
  • Chelm’s Modified Energized EM Membrane
  • Chelm’s Modified Energized Explosive Membrane
  • Chelm’s Modified Energized Kinetic Membrane
  • Chelm’s Modified Energized Thermal Membrane
  • Chelm’s Modified Heavy Energy Neutralizer x2 - 5.5b each
  • Unit W-634’s Modified Damage Control - Sold for 40b
  • Unit W-634’s Modified Drone Navigation Computer x2 - 8b each
  • Unit W-634’s Modified Omnidirectional Tracking Link x2 - 9.5b each
  • Unit W-634’s Modified Fighter Support Unit x3 - 22b each
  • Shadow Serpentis 10000MN Afterburner - Sold for 4.5b
  • Shadow Serpentis 25000mm Steel Plates x2 - Sold for 1.5b each
  • True Sansha Capital Capacitor Booster - Sold for 6.8b
  • Dark Blood Capital Cap Battery - Sold for 1.5b

In Aunenen:

  • Vendetta w/ 3 T2 Trimarks + Fuel - Sold for trade agreement

oh for what its worth - 49 killmarks


Feel free to convo/mail me in-game, discord @Havoc#9246, or reply on here


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  • Chelm’s Modified Large EMP Smartbomb


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