Edencom Prints Abyss

Can we please have some Edencom BPCs in abyss, maybe in T3 and higher, especially some ammo BPCs and maybe the odd ship? We have a lot of trigs stuff, including a lot of useless “meta” disintegrators which nobody ever uses and the blueprints are literally junk.

I just think it would add a bit of spice to the abyssals and fits the narrative since Edencom is at war with Trigs. It would also hep bring done some of those Vorton ammo absurd prices and maybe get more people to use them?

Thank you!

I heard the BPOs can be made by researching. That should encourage you to start Research and gather resources to make them. You must have a team of miners going out rhere to harverst enough stuff to help you do that. Shouldn’t be too hard to do for an organized alliance, at least one I would counsider joining.

What? That has nothing to do with this. Im industry char.

It has everything to do with it. Industry is supported by resources gathering and those gatherers need protection. Either you do it yourself or pay market prices.
For T2 BPO’s you’re going to have to research because they’re not sold at Market and those who detain them aren’t about to sell them anytime soon.

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