Nestor Blueprint Copy - From What?

I’ve recently come back to Eve after being gone a few years. To my surprise, one of my alts had a Nestor BPC turn up in their inventory. It looks to be located in a SOE NPC station. Were these given away to players at some point, likely while I was absent from the game? I haven’t run any SOE NPC missions since the epic ark that used to come right after the initial tutorial, which was 2011 or so. I certainly didn’t gain any SOE LP, so I know I didn’t simply buy the BPC and forget about it over the years.

Just wondering how in the world I ended up with it. I did buy a couple recently. Is it possible now to include items from several different stations in one contract? To the best of my recollection, the contract stated the items were in Jita. Thanks.

Have you actually looked at your completed contracts ?

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Maybe you’ve been very kind with one of the sisters, so she decided to award your kindness?:sunglasses:

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Will do. All contracts I accepted since I returned told me the BPCs were in Jita. Checked before I accepted.

Love the idea, though my wife wouldn’t have it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Who knows how that ended up there? Maybe I’m just old and senile. Haha!

If I remember correctly… SOE blueprint copies can / could also be gained by trading in a “Nexus Chip” that drops from certain NPCs.

If you have not run any SoE missions… that could be how you obtained the BPC.

Or you could have bought it.

Or taken it from someone’s ship wreck.

Thanks for the info. It was years since I last played, so I’m with you on this one. Probably ended up with it and simply forgot.

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