Blueprints stuck in Ignebaner

I left Eve blahh, blah blah. My blueprints are stuck in the station. I assume when it was overrun if you had a corp your stuff was confiscated. My question is if I grind to level four for the right to put up a station will i get back all the items including my BPO’s?

Has any one else had this issue.

Insufficient data.

Station could mean NPC station or upwell structure.

Station should always be an NPC station. Upwell structures are structures. Especially in Pochven where there are no structure.

Yep, info missing. If the prints are in NPC station, you can get them out quite easily with some help. New structures can’t be anchored in Pochven. If it’s inside an existing, contact the owner. If the structure was destroyed your stuff is gone forever.

A little more context, my BPCs were in a corp hanger in Ignebaener VI - Moon 1 - Perun Clade Extractive Terminus. When i attempted on the first run to remove all of my stuff after coming back I did not have a corp hangar. I assumed everything was lost all of the special ships I had collected and stored in the corp hangars.

Flash forward to a few days ago i am doing some industry I set my industry setting to owned by corp and all of my blueprints and copies that I had left behind showed up. I can actual still use them (don’t quote me on this but they do load when I drag them into the bpc window) .

So I am guessing because I lost standings our corp lost its hangar but the stuff that was in it is still there.
I have a character docked there as we speak and there is no corp hangar. And looking over my billing while I was away I was only auto-billed for two offices when it should have been three.

So I would like to verify a. is my stuff still there in a locked corp hangar, hey maybe the Triglavidians haven’t gotten around to looting it. Lolll

point is if it is there and I work my standings up to 4.0 can I get my hangar back, I am ok for grinding the standing I just don’t want to do this and not get my stuff back.

I don’t think stuff in NPC stations was ever lost, so they should be still there. Trigs just took ownership. I don’t have experience with corp hangars, so I can’t tell you if there is an easier way to get them back than to grind to 4.

Maybe a ticket to CCP can resolve it for you, either they move them out for you or tell you how.


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