Returning player: what happened to the items in my corp hangar?

Hello I am a returning player. Its been about 5 years since I played and of course the corp. officer was repossessed. All the items in the corp. hangar though are not in my inventory. Are they repossessed as well or just disappear? Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated

In what kind of station and in what kind of location your stuff was stored?
Either it’s still there, it’s in asset safety, or indeed lost and gone.

Were they in a Corp hangar? Then it’s technically not yours.

It was in a high sec station. Asset safety is empty. And when I rented a new office in the same station it was also empty.

If they were in a corp hangar and not your personal hangar, then the items are gone as they were “corp” assets

If the corp was your own corp , check the corp assets . i believe it is impounded tab. thats where i found my stuff when i came back years ago at least

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