Can another player steal from home station hangar

returned to my home station and all my assets are gone, checked to see if my office bills arre paid and they are. tried restarting client still no assets.

Was it an NPC station or a citadel?

Were the things inside your personal hangar or a corp hangar?

Have you checked with assets inventory window? Funny thing is you could simply mistake what station your assets are actually located :thinking:

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Probably misplaced assets. If you placed them inside a corporate hangar, others inside your corp share that inventory. If the location doesn’t have corporate hangars or you don’t belong to a player made corporation you are good.

Where to look?
As Elinore said above Assets is a great place to start. If you left them on another ship in dry-dock, they will not appear in the item hangar or Personal Assets window either. You will need to view the contents of the ships you have in storage. If you repackage the ship, all the items on the ship (less rigs) will be transferred to the item hangar. However if the ship has rigs they will be destroyed, but you will get a warning about it first.

Hope that helps.

alt t

all assets

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I think “office bills” may give you a clue, as to what hanger?

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