Missing Items

I came back to EVE to try the Abyss stuff, and I was try to get access to the old station where a lot of my gear was before I left. It was all out there the other day, but I just checked and all my good stuff is missing!

How do I resolve this?

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Try going through your Assets window and searching for your stuff. Maybe you’re misremembering where it was.

Also, if it was in a nullsec station, those turned into Citadels, which can be destroyed or unanchored. If that happened, you should have an “asset safety” notification that initiates the process of your stuff being delivered elsewhere. More details here: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/208289365-Asset-Safety

Otherwise, if your stuff is genuinely lost/vanished somehow, you should submit a support ticket. They can locate it or remedy the situation in a way that none of us on the forum can.

Welcome back, and good luck!


If it was in a corp hanger? or your corp, as ceo, you have an office and have to pay the bill, though I doubt that is your case… I didnt look at your char history so idk.

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Was not a corp hanger, just the normal station one. It was a Nullsec station, but it still appears to be there, not moved or anything.

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So… problem solved? Op success?

Well, not solved, I still do not have my missing items… they were most of my EVE life savings!

Oh, so the station’s there but not the items? If so, I don’t really know what happened. That support ticket is your best chance.

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