Items are all gone!

I ended up taking a few years away from Eve due to College and work. I logged in today to find that all of my ships and items were missing. I was logged into a 0.5 station and had a corporation/hangar. Yes, I recovered the impounded items due to non payment but, I’m still missing everything else. What do I do or have I lost over 1 billion ISK worth of ships and items since my original 2006 start? :frowning:

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You might have had your items stored in an upwell structure.

How do you check for that?

There should be some Concord notifications in your email about it.

There is also a chance that the items are located in asset safety (the tab called Safety).

No mail and nothing under safety :frowning:

The mail would be hidden under the “notifications” tab of your email.

There is nothing :frowning:

I am out of ideas.

So… fun fact!

I restarted the Corp office and found everything I was missing…

Different account facepalms

I forgot I divided my assets… I’m dumb lol

Thanks for the help even though I’m dumb lol

Better a little moment of embarrassment than losing all your stuff! Welcome back! :grinning:

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