Where can I find comms about asset safety?

2-3 months back, I think I had some items in a player-owned structure that was taken down or destroyed. I could swear I received some form of communications describing where those items would be dropped off, but I can’t find said communication.

The deadline has passed, and the items were auto-delivered… somewhere. I have stuff all over New Eden, so it’s not readily apparent where these items were dropped off.

Can someone please help me figure out where the asset safety notifications would have arrived, or what I can search for in the subject line? I remember that it told me which station stuff would be auto-deposited to if I didn’t take manual action.


Nothing in the safety tab in the Asset window any longer? No notifications in the Structure category in the Communication tab in the Mail window?

Tough luck and have fun sifting through your assets. Depending on which region these packs came from, you can narrow down the search a lot. Drone Lands often times go to Metropolis or Molden Heath, anything from the south to Tash-Murkon or Khanid, from the east to Derelik.

One option I could suggest, especially for one with assets spread across New Eden, would be an out-of-game utility called jEveAssets.

It’s spectacular, and it would absolutely make finding your assets easier.

assets > search > “misc”


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Also “safety” works aswell.

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