Missing ships

hello all,
I have been out of game for a bit just getting back and as I was going over my assets I’ve noticed some of my ships missing. ie my Dreadnaught and jump freighter… was there some thing that had occurred during my absence that would result in the ships being MIA…

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Most likely a lack of account security.


A big part of me hates to even ask, but what was your before- and after- ISK position?

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around that same 2 bill + or - I have looked into the safety tab and nothing …well out of 5 cap ships I’m just missing 2 …


Well, in the spirit of trying everything in a situation like this, I thought I’d somehow lost a freighter this weekend. This was a freighter that I share among five qualified alts, so it could have been any one of them. I even remembered what I named it, but just as quickly remembered that Personal Assets --> Search can’t locate by a ship’s given name.

After conjuring up every possible alt (some twice), I finally found it under my main “suspect” using the search term “freighter”. Had I searched that main alt several times already? - of course I did. Kicked myself, but a happy ending and all that. Probably misspelled Obelisk more than once or something like that.

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Yes EVE Asset management leaves a lot to be desired - still.

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On the flip side, I keep finding fully fit interceptors, command ships, and battleships I can’t even remember buying. Redeploying weekly/biweekly for a few years certainly scattered a lot of assets around new eden.

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Check deliveries and contracts too. You never know what can get lost and mixed up. A friend found an archon we had misplaced s few years back.

Have you checked the safe tab?


Check asset safety.

Check the search box in the Personal Assets window.

Check your losses tab on the character sheet.


Do you remember where you have parked your ships? Maybe they were in a Pos that got destroyed or cleaned by your (former) corp-mates? Maybe they were in a corp-hangar?

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