Wheres my old ships

Ok, kind of a noob question - been a long time player, but been away and back, so I guess this is the right forum. I’m kind of embarrassed to ask this, but its bugging me.

Basically, I’m missing some ships. Now, some of these ships we can say that I’ve just generically lost. Like maybe I gave them to someone, or they’re popped. But two in particular I know I didn’t.

  1. an Orca. I bought this Orca around 2012 and it was in Null, and I never flew it, and theres this ongoing joke about it being in a Station in Null and me trying to sell it as only “slightly rusted”. I never did sell it, but now its gone. What happened to it? Can’t find it anywhere. This predates upwells etc- could it have been destroyed?

  2. A Light Sail Frigate. I believe I owned a Zephyr which I used to fly around in highsec in. I never took it out of highsec, I would have left it in NPC stations, and yet, I don’t seem to own one any more. Have high sec stations been popped?

Am I loosing random assets? (no they’re not in safety wrap). I know historically ships did get removed - I used to fly Navy Comets (best ship ever), and they got killed and replaced with just normal comets, (which I hated), then the entire skin thing got added to the game, and I got my beautiful navy comet back. But I don’t think this is the case with either of these two ships?

The orca is probably either in asset safety, or you sold/lost/traded/contracted it away at some point before leaving.

zephyr also should still be there wherever you left it, or you sold/lost it. Might be on another character.

as for the comet there is only the navy comet, no idea what you are talking about.

afaik CCP never deleted a ship

See thats the thing - The orca pre-dates asset safety (and indeed upwells, so it was in a Station in Null) and I know I havn’t sold or traded either of these two ships. Other ones like Drakes, suree (which I’m missing the of drakes) but… it just doesn’t make sense.

But CCP do remove ships - there was once two ships in the comet line, the Navy Comet and the Police Persuit Cruiser. There were actually a whole bunch of special ships like this - at Christmas you would get given them. They reskinned the police persuit and it was horrible, like camouflage, Then they got rid of all these variant-ships when they introduced skins, which makes a lot of sense from both an engineering and game play perspective. It also made them a lot cheaper.

For instance: https://zkillboard.com/ship/33677/ - its why there have been no losses of it since 2015, because now they are just skinned-comets rather then an actual ship in their own right. Now when this was removed, I think everyone who had one, got a redeemable item of a replacement one.

Any personal assets you have will show up in the personal assets app. Either in the All items tab or the Safety tab. If the Orca was in a conquerable station in Null that was moved or destroyed after conversion to a faction Citadel - it will be in safety. Otherwise it will be where you left it. If you were trying to sell it when you took a break, it may be in expired contracts - or maybe someone bought it and it’s now ISK in your wallet!

then either the orca is still in an NPC station where you left it, or if it was in an outpost the outpost was converted into a citadel and the orca would be in that citadel or in asset safety.

As for your comet example that was a quick hack put in by CCP to enable skins and they’ve moved skins to a new system. the ships are identical in performance just the type was changed no ships were deleted. If you had a police comet or a bpc for one you should have received a permanent police skin for each police comet you had.

Right, I’m not convinced: and as I outlined above, these are two ships which I never ever sold or contracted - it was just an ongoing joke about it. Whilst other assets are easy to forget about, these two particular ships are stand out enough.

My point about the comet is unrelated - you said that they didnt remove ships from the game, I’m showing an instance where they did remove ships, and as you say, I got a skin in return. I mean, I know, because I was there and lived through it.

It just doesn’t quite add up. At this point, everything you guys have said is basically “you’re probably remembering it wrong” and I’m saying, no, on this particular instance, I don’t think I am.

My main question is, historically, in a Conquerable Station in Eve, could you have lost assets through another player destroying them (or the station), prior to Upwells etc. As for the light ship, there is the possibility of accidental sellage, but even that would be suspect.

Is there any way to find out? How far back in time do the API’s go to find any sale which might highlight the loss?

Yes, you can lose ships and assets in stations that are blown up in Wormholes. There’s no chance for Asset Safety, thus all the stuff pops into containers scattered around the station wreck. This makes station killing in WH space even more fun :slight_smile:
And I’m afraid these losses are in no book or log. I’ve lost some stuff in a WH station, that was just gone without a notice.

I don’t think the OP mentioned wormholes, so that’s probably not what’s going on.

@Dansan_Dusaka First of all, welcome back! :grin:

  1. I’ve heard stories of Null-sec alliances rushing to emergency evac their stations during an invasion, so it’s possible. You might need to talk with any old corpmates to confirm this, though.
  2. Not likely, at least based on this thread from 2010. If it’s correct, I doubt that CCP would have made it easier to blow up high-sec stations since, and I haven’t found any other mention so far on the internet.

When did you last take a long break from EVE? The devs overhauled the API a couple years ago, but you should still be able to access information from long before through it. I’ve yet to try it out myself, though - sorry.

If you’re stuck and really want to get to the bottom of it, filing a support ticket might help. It might be difficult since it sounds like you don’t have any records of those ships, but even if support isn’t willing to help you look up information on your missing ships, they should be willing to point you towards the right tools.

Go to your assets window, go to the “Search” tab, and type in “Asset safety”.

How many cargo containers show up?

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