Returning player: why do I have thease ships I know I never bought?

Hey Folks,

I am returning to eve after being away since 2010 or so (I did return in 2018 for a month). Im consolidating assets and enjoying exploration content right now. Deep in null sec, in old BRUCE space, and here in high sec should lie some hulks. and skiffs. they are not there I seem to own a covetor for some reason though. Rather I own 2 primae in high sec, 1 primae , 1 epital and like 40 mining crystals I can not fit. oddly my assorted mining gear aka t2 minors, the strip minors, the hulks, etc are no where to be found.

Why do I own some ships I don’t have the need for and what ships were they once? I assume ships changed, and these re replacements or something? is there a list that shows what items were replaced with which item or such like?

p.s. I bet the missing items are in my null sec “asset wraps” ill make it down sec at some point to look. its not like Icant replace any of this. I mean its just stuff . but the curioity has me. gotta know :>

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Can’t comment on all the changes you’ve had, but yes…there have been changes to mining, barges, etc in the past few years. For example my Procurer went from having 4 mid slots to having just two, back in 2021. There’s also been big changes to mining lasers, and to ‘waste’ created by mining lasers.

Nice thing about returns is you take this stuff you never knew you had and sell it for nice profit.

The fun downsides to ccp’s later war on the economy lol. I had many years old assets before tiericide, Indy changes and scarcity.

I flipped t1 made the old fashioned way. Rocks only. And the old days of me and pe games.

It made a few billion in under an hour lol. I just blow up Dessie’s and smaller now. Biggest boat planned for me is bc really…

Carebear char runs a Kronos old as hell too lol.

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You will not see a ship transform from one ship to another

Just contract all the stuff to me. Problem solved :slight_smile:

That is not strictly true. Back before SKINs were a thing, CCP was making reskinned versions of existing ships like the Sarum Magnate for example. Separate ships with identical stats. When they introduced SKINs they “transformed” the skinned ships into the normal variant and compensated the owners with a SKIN for the normal variant.

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Technically that’s true but over the years CCP has transformed multiple ships from their original role to a different one. Mainly just by changing their primary weapon, amount of hardpoints, module slot lay-out and/or ship hull bonus.

Also let’s not forget CCP has drastically changed the appearance of a few ships as well… :wink:

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