are we ever going to get new mining ships? something we can use in high sec that can mine like a Hulk and have a mining hold like an orca? seems miners have not gotten anything good in awhile.

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CCP buffs the mining ships all the time.

But he wants a super orca mining brick. Something that can fend off anything thrown at while he mines akf in peace while in lowsec. Sheez, don’t you get it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why? You’d just use it to AFK and lose it in 10 seconds to gankers anyway…

Compared to the old mining barge, he already has it.

said nothing about mining in low sec or afk. I just hate mining and then taking it back to a station. back and forth back and forth>

CCP defines that as griefing now. It is a bannable offense - and the miner DEFINITELY will get a ship reimbursement.

Fixed it, and not…

But he wants even more, lowsec no less. :wink:

Your loss was in low.

why do I feel like I’m being mocked?

There is really only one purpose for a mining ship - mining yield. CCP in their wisdom has provided you with three mining barges - yield, cargo hold, and tank optimized. There are also three more mining barges that are T2 versions. There are also three mining frigates for the young at heart to fly.

It seems like mining has good functional coverage already.


You will quickly learn these forums are basically the short bus of the Internet. It took them like 8 years to add navy destroyers good luck on new mining ships especially after Rattata destroyed them all with the ignorant changes.

We already have nine mining ships and three mining support ships. There’s no need for any more…


So what’s the downside to this strictly better hulk?

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Mining barges are bunk, the expedition frigates, thats where it’s at.

  • moves faster.

  • large hold almost as much as procurer.

  • can mine gas or ice with excellent role bonuses.

  • Cheaper overall in costs.

  • can cloak.

  • fit a probe launcher.



A lot of the older players around here remember mining in a cruiser like a Vexor or Osprey with cargo hold expanders and still having to poop out jetcans periodically filled with ore. Then you’d manually have to set a timer to make sure you didn’t let the jet can despawn and all your ore poofs into nothing. And then, you’d have to pray to the gods that the local high sec wardeccers didn’t come blow you up nor the local can flipper steal your ore. If by Bob the stars aligned you were able to mine in peace, your timer would go off, you’d warp to station and reship into an Iteron Mk I, II, III, IV, or V or a Badger Mk I, II, or III and warp back to belt, collect your jet can, return to station with the ore, and reship back into the mining ship.

So when someone comes along and says “I want a ship that’s the yield of a Hulk and the hold of an Orca because I don’t want to have to warp to the station one time” all us old farts hear is “this guy has no clue how to appreciate the choices he has today” and hence the mockery.


The definition of bitter vet.

Just because you had to suffer an horrible gameplay, does not make that gameplay less horrible.

Because convenience makes your process cheaper, that is your production worth less.
Say I can mine twice the volume in the same time and with the same actions. (basically, yield , hold, ore size are doubled). Yet people won’t need twice the amount of resources. So the price at which you sell will not be the one of people who need, but those who “accept” to buy , so much lower price. In reality if your production is multiplied enough, then your actual income (from market) is divided by more than your production is multiplied.

Therefore, increasing the overall mining production in the game actually reduces the miners income. An increase in convenience is an increase in overall production, much higher than you may consider since the multiboxers will have an even higher scale factor.

So a possible scarcicity could be, to reduce all yields by 25% . Except gas of course.

You mean a hulk and compression? We already have those.

You basically have everything you want already - it’s just you need multiple characters or friends to boost, compress and optionally haul for you. You don’t need a solo mining ubership that makes mining more mindless. Join a mining corp, form a fleet.

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His suggestion does not improve gameplay one iota, in fact it disincentivises existing gameplay.


That’s why I was not answering him.