Player station destroyed missing freighter?


Ive recently logged on after a year away. The player station owned by me has been destroyed in which was parked my freighter with me in it I think. It could have just been parked in the station with me not in it hard to remember at this point. This is in highsec.

When I logged on I found my character in he pod.

I have no kill mail of the freighter that it has been destroyed and I cant find anything in the assets or safely tab. Im the CEO of the corp im in.

Any ideas to where it might be? Is it lost? missing or a bug?

Any help would be appreciated


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Wow, you got lucky your name didn’t get changed yet!

Anyhow, what you’re looking for is called “Assets Safety”.

Google it!
I’m too lazy to do it for you. :blush:

Hi Ive checked asset safely and still nothing.

Im under the impression that if its in high sec it gets moved to a “safe” station? and not destroyed or steal-able?

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Okay then I don’t know how to help you.
I thought Asset Safety would be taking care of it all.

Check all stations in which you have assets. It would be out of asset safety and just showing in assets as a container.


Thank you!

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If you were sitting in the ship when the station gets destroyed, I believe you either get ejected, or your ship gets destroyed. Is that still the case? I remember hearing something like that.

So maybe your ship was destroyed?

@Solecist_Project finally admits what we’ve all known for years…

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