Is it safe to park ships in a player owned structure in high sec?

Is it safe to park ships in a player owned structure (not owned by me or my corporation) in high sec?

Can they be destroyed or disappear if they don’t pay whatever they need to pay for the station? What happens to my ships if a player owned station disappears?

No as they can refuse you entry…

Reasonable safe, if you accept that in case of destruction or (non-negotiable) loss of access you have to wait a week to get your stuff back via asset safety.

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Thanks, I didn’t even know about asset safety!

Just be very mindful of changing owners…if that happens, move your important stuff out ASAP…

In highsec you can easily keep the stuff you only use occasionally at an NPC station. Keep your day-to-day stuff wherever is most convenient - which may be a player owned structure. Asset safety will protect your stuff but there is a fee to recover it. Up to you to decide if the convenience is worth the risk.

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