Questions re: Player Owned Structures & Corp. Offices/Assets

Left approx. 4-years ago, and came back last week…have some questions about the Citadels, Engineering Complexes, etc.:

Citadels which are open to public often have Corp. Offices for rent – if I rent one, and move Corp. assets into the hangers, and the Citadel gets attacked/destroyed the ‘Asset Protection’ feature in the game would move everything to an NPC Station, if I understand it correctly?
Would I be able to pre-set which of the NPC stations the assets would be moved to if there are multiple NPC Stations available?

Some player-owned Engineering Complexes I’ve looked at also have Corp. Offices for rent – does the Asset Protection game feature work the same for those: if it’s attacked/destroyed my assets go to NPC Station?

If I rent Corp. Office in a player owned structure and access is later changed/denied for whatever reason, would the Asset Protection feature still move all my assets to NPC Station, since the player owned structure did not get attacked/destroyed? If not, then how would I reacquire my assets from the player owned structure?

Is there a difference between the Corp. Offices & Hangers in a Citadel vs. an Engineering Complex? I’m interested in doing manufacturing, etc., so my thought was to have the Corp. Office/Hangers in the Engineering Facility, rather than having to move things back and forth (my Corp. is just me currently–to evade taxes). Can everything be kept in the Hangers in the Engineering Facility, or only manufacturing related items?

Are there any limits on the volume/size of the Corp. Hangers in player owned structures vs NPC Stations? In an NPC Station the amount of storage is unlimited, correct? Is the same true for Hangers in the player owned Citadels and Engineering Complexes?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Offices can be rented in Citadels, Engineering Complexes or Refineries - there are no differences between them. There are no functional differences between corp hangars in Upwell structures or NPC stations. Asset safety will be triggered automatically if a structure is destroyed. It can also be triggered manually. Details:

Thank you.

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