How do player structures work?

Hi, I’ve been reading up on some of the new structures. As far as I can see, they each has their own purpose, and many of them can be placed everywhere (I.E. WH, high, low and null). Meanwhile however, I can’t seem to find out whether I can use them. Will I be blown up if I try to warp to one? And if no, can I dock at one? What happens to my loot in the structure if it’s destroyed?

Basically, yes.

The structure browser on your UI will tell you what services are available from any public (or available to you) structures.
If you want one of your own, you need to be in a non-NPC corp, be aware the corp you deploy it for owns the structure.

Not unless you are a legal target, and they are manned. The new Upwell structures do not automatically engage.

If it has services available to you, yes.

Here’s a brief guide on the EVE-University wiki.

These things cost quite a bit, but people install them because they provide good benefits (taxes reduced to 0, increased yields for industry, etc.). The owners can also open the structure up for public access, and the advantage is that they can tax “the public” that comes to use the structure. Usually taxes are lower than in NPC-owned stations, but higher than 0. So it’s a win-win.

As far as danger, the structures are designed to be attacked by fleets of capital ships, and defended by fleets of capital ships. So if you’re in high-sec, you can probably approach any structures without fear, because Concord offers some protection, and so the owners won’t attack neutral players randomly. But if you go to 0.0 space, you’re likely to encounter gate camps and defense fleets that will kill you before you even get to the structure.

If the structure gets destroyed, your stuff will be transported to the nearest NPC station via the Asset Safety system. However, if the structure is under attack, production and research services stop, so if you have for example a production job and the structure shuts down, you’ll lose the materials consumed in that production. If you’re making a big ship, it can be costly.

In addition to these big Upwell Structures that must be owned and deployed by a player corporation (and defended by a fleet), CCP has also introduced smaller deployable “mobile structures.” You just buy these from the market, put them in your ship, and just deploy them in space for yourself. For example, Mobile Tractor Units are popular for collecting the wrecks and loot after you’ve finished running missions, Mobile Depots are popular in null or wormhole space so you can re-fit your ship even if there’s no station that you can dock at.

Thanks for the answers. Is there a way to know whether it’s possible to dock at the station without trying? I suppose null and WH is out of the question, since why would corps allow it? But what about low-sec?

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