Using private facilities set to public and there risk

so i just started looking into manufacturing got a couple of (crappy but useful for me) blueprints and noticed that npc own facilities cost 10% + usage in system fee (1-5%?) while some player station only cost 1-3% + usage in system fee (1-5%?) what the risk involved in using a player own station set to public? if they go to war and someone blows it up do i lose my stuff? if they decide they want to deconstruct the building do i lose my stuff? what happens if they change it from public to private or don’t pay there fuel bill?

i spent a good hour on google reading up on player own stations while my slow and empty cargo ship fly’s around high sec on autopilot (not worth blowing up and if someone dose then oh well) so i understand the risk and benefits and cost of the owners (or i think i do) but i don’t understand what protection the public as for using it.

from what i understood if a building is considered a Upwell Structures then if it set to public and a random passerby like myself uses it and something bad happen it automatically puts all the item in a new tab that the user can pick up at the nearest npc station. that good.

so with that said i am to assume that the owner of the station cant take or touch my stuff? and how do you tell the difference between a upwell structure and other player own structures or there is none and all player own structures are upwell structures?

Your concerns are valid. Asset safety will only protect what is in your hangar plus all BPOs. Everything else in running jobs is lost, in case the structure is armor reinforced and then destroyed. If the structure runs out of fuel or changes access rights you have to sort it out with the owner.

Before you issue jobs in a public structure, do some research on the owner, talk to them, and then keep the job runtime short or within the invulnerability windows. Always deliver your jobs to hangar and asset safety when finished. Check for wardecs (in case of highsec) or reinforcements regularly.

Upwell is the brand for player owned structures. There are player owned stations in sovereign nullsec space, but those are to be converted into Upwell structures likely in 2018.

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so if it runs out of fuel or if the owner decides not to let me use the station anymore they can take my BPO hostage?

so then it safe to put a blueprint original for upgrading for 20 days or so with the worse case being the money and time invested as you still keep the blueprint? but to be careful with expensive craft orders as you may not lose the BPO (Blue print original) but you will lose all the materials + cost correct?

i took a look at one of them and only saw hanger as a option i am assuming you mean asset safety is implied to everything in the hanger.

No. BPOs always go to asset safety. Any BPCs, materials or completed-but-not-delivered jobs are at risk if the Upwell module runs out of fuel, is turned off, or the station is destroyed.

Yes. Only time and the ISK cost you paid is at risk for researching BPOs. For other industry, the input materials are also risk.

She means that if a job finished, but is not delivered to your hanger (by pressing the ‘deliver’ button in the industry window), it is still at risk. Asset safety does not cover jobs that are finished, but not delivered to your hanger.

For researching a BPO though, you would still get the BPO as part of asset safety, but it would return unresearched if you didn’t deliver it to your hanger after the job completed. At lease I presume it would be unresearched as I haven’t tested it myself.


Black Pedro answered the questions. I will mention another risk, if you have running jobs in a structure when it enters the second (armor) reinforcement timer, your job slots are blocked until the hull timer is “resolved” up to a week later in highsec. You are not allowed anymore to cancel stuck jobs, in order to prevent loot denial to the attacker.

EDIT: This should not discourage from using structures, I’m using public structures since their inception, but allow to properly manage the risk.

There are some large organizations with a lot of public structures scattered throughout New Eden. These are somewhat safer but tend to be located close to trade hubs with relatively high system cost index. One example:

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