Upwell structures, access, and safety


I’m returning to the game after an 8-year break, so apologies for asking a question that may have an obvious answer.
Is research at Upwell structures in HS safe business? It’s not about the scenario where the station shuts down due to fuel shortage - I understand the Safety Wrap mechanism would kick in. My question is: Can I be locked out by the owner, and lose the BPOs?

Absolutely. Research done at a Freeport is at your own risk. I want to say theres a mechanic to love it intersystem from structure to npc station but I cant remember.

Not really. Even if you lose access you can always start asset safety manually.

Answer : It’s usually highly risky
You may be locked out from the others upwell structures by owners whenever he wants.
You can retrieve items left in the upwell structures though, you may have to pay up to 15% of the assets estimated prices as a commission.
You only have to pay about 0.5% of the estimated prices for a commission if you choose an existing station in the same system as a transfer destination. Therefore you are strongly recommended to chose at least a system with NPC stations.

Thanks, guys, for your replies. Reality has provided me with the first-hand experience. The privately-owned facility has just lost its armour integrity, and the research facility shut down. My BPO got stuck there, and I have no way of retrieving it now. Fortunately, it’s just a cheap throwaway blueprint that I’ve installed just to test the waters. Conclusion: no, never use privately-owned facilities open to the public. A quick google search informs that I have to wait until either somebody shoots the whole thing down, or for the owner to ‘safe’ it.

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