Blueprint Research Paused... No refund?

So I was doing an expensive TE research on a blueprint when I log on one day and find the owner had paused my job… How are they allowed to do this without refunding my job cost?

Pretty sure this only happens in citadels when they go reinforced.
If the citadel dies, then your research is lost
If you don’t want to risk your prints, you need to do it at a npc station at a higher cost

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“Research is lost”… Not the BPO but just the research right?

umm, actually… about that.
if the structure has indeed been reinforced, then afaik there are two ways for you to recover your BPO:
1: Defend the structure and allow it to repair.
2: Loot the BPO from the structure wreckage when it dies. There will probably be others on-grid who will take exception to you doing this. Looting the yellow wreck will give you a suspect timer, so be in something slippery.

Yes, the bpo isn’t lost but the research and any isk/materials you put into it is

BPOs get asset safety’d while being researched?

If the service module is restarted the job will continue.
If the structure is destroyed (or the service module removed/destroyed) the job will be cancelled automatically.
This will asset safety afaik.

And NO refunds…

If it’s in a wormhole it will drop, anywhere else and it’ll be asset safety’d. Citadels only drop loot in wormholes.

Out of fuel i guess. It will continue when fueled.

You might want to double check that. There is some stuff around jobs in progress dropping loot anywhere.

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