Facility name changed, blueprint gone

I was researching a blueprint in Ikuchi - Increase Industry, when I log on today there is only Ikuchi - COPY MAN RESCHERH. Is my retriever original gone? Its not in asset security, not in my inventory, i can only see it under history, where I was researching and the research was cancelled, I had less than 7 days left on the last tick to 20%. Dont know how to go about getting it back.

Were you researching in this structure perhaps?


It’s the most recent structure death in that system, it iooks like that structure got destroyed 3 days ago.

While I’m not sure about if asset safety works for blueprints in active research or industry jobs, reading about it seems to suggest that asset safety does work for those blueprints. If that’s true, the reason you don’t see your blueprint right now is that it takes 5 days before you can send your asset safety goods to another structure or station in system: https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/208289365-Asset-Safety

I guess that the last tick of your research may be lost though, but I hope you get your blueprint back in a couple of days!

Next time be careful where you research your valuable blueprints, Upwell Structures may be cheaper to use but aren’t as reliable as NPC stations.


Further investigation of the killed structure suggests it was a scam structure.

Do not research or store anything in structures of the Eros Ho corporation, their killboard suggests they blow up their own structures. I assume they put up the structure, wait for people to start using it, let it go abandoned to negate asset safety and then kill their own structure to loot half the items you stored in it.

A good reason to not use Upwell structures from players you do not know.


Never store anything of value in a Citadel that you do not personally own. Lesson learned.


Interesting. I thought since it was in high-sec that it was safe. The blueprint didnt drop/destroy so I assume it will be available in a few days via asset safety. I didnt know there was a timer for that. Thanks for taking the time to put up the information for me.

asset safety is instant. literally the second the strcture goes down, your stuff moves to asset safety.
but of course only if the structure was under power.

if the structure was NOT under power, you will have known this since DED will send you multiple notifications about your assets are at risk. it takes at least a week for the mechanics to take place. as the structure needs to be in Low power for 7 days before it goes abandoned, war neeeds to be declared and it need to be attacked, until the sec the station goes down, you would still be able to get it, even if it were attacked as you are not a part of the war, you can safely approach the structure and dock (unless the owner removed docking permission) but then you still could do manual asset safety.

so in short, using a structure is pretty safe, if you do takke note of ded notifications.

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