Cancel industry jobs in Upwell structures

It is no longer possible to cancel industry jobs in Upwell structures, while the structure is in either the armor reinforced state or the hull vulnerable state.

What does this mean? Research BPO’s? Manufacturing?

Having just had my refinery and Engineering complex destroyed i’m unhappy at the thought of not being able to retrieve my items in reinforced mode. Reactions are fine, since i’m assuming because I set them up daily the job will finish and I will still be able to deliver the product (please correct me if wrong there). BPO’s on the other hand, researching them takes a long time are you saying BPO’s will also get destroyed along with the structure should the structure be hit?

What gets added to asset recovery? Both my structures were destroyed and despite all my jobs being finished or cancelled and the structure emptied, (since I wasn’t able to change the fit of structure to something that would counter my attackers) I still received an asset safety container.

It’s a lot of ISK to pump into something when you can’t defend it without bringing your own blob.

Risk/reward I guess.

Im sure the “dont buy it unless you can replace/protect it” choir will be along soon.

This pretty much sums up the new structures. Unlike POS they can’t defend themselves and you can’t set them up to be a PITA (dickstar) so yeah, you need some defenders, either your own or mercenaries.

Not much. Nothing has really changed. BPOs are never at risk and will always end up in asset safety if the structure is destroyed. All this is does is prevents station owners from maliciously canceling jobs to deny loot to the attackers. People were cancelling their jobs during the final timer to destroy the materials (and unused BPCs I believe) which otherwise have a chance of dropping as loot for the attackers.

For the owner nothing is different. Whether you lost that materials because the job as canceled, or they drop as loot, it is the same for you. Eve players tend to be a very spiteful bunch, and this just prevents the bad sports among them from trashing potential loot that they have pretty much lost already.

OK - this opens more questions, can you deliver completed jobs whilst the structure is in reinforcement? I experienced the ability to put stuff into the ammo hold when in reinforcement but not the ability to take things out. Items in the structures cargo hold are they also locked in a similar way or can I still move assets into a ships cargo hold?

No, although I could be mistaken as I have never tried myself, but I believe you cannot deliver completed jobs when in armor reinforcement when the services are turned off. You can however move stuff from the normal hanger to a ship at anytime up until the structure explodes, upon which the contents of the hanger enter asset safety and you have to wait to retrieve them, except for of course in a wormhole, where they drop as loot.

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