Cannot cancel paused research jobs

I received this Mail :

One or more of your industry jobs in Niyabainen - Theron Hub - ATLANTIS in Niyabainen have been paused because the service modules they relied on are no longer online.

I have 7 research jobs in a queue there all paused:

When I try to cancel them it says I cannot:

My research queue is being held hostage by this station, that seems really shitty game mechanics.
I should have the right to cancel (and lose) research!

You can’t cancel because that structure has been attacked.

If the structure survives, then the owners will hopefully online again and you can finish or cancel.

If it dies, the blueprints can drop in the loot.

One of the risks of using Upwell Structures v Stations.


It looks as if someone has either attacked the station or the owners have abandoned the station.

If it’s the former then the either it is successful defended and the services will restart and you can continue as normal. Or it destroyed by the attackers when the jobs will end and your stuff there will go into Asset Safety.

If it has been abandoned then it is quite likely that it will be quickly destroyed by an attacker.

Wait and this should resolve itself.

While using player owned structures for jobs is tempting you are in the hands of the station owner and their willingness or ability to defend their assets.
Nothing is free - better costs and services come with increased risk.

I assume you are not part of the alliance or corporation that owns the station and aren’t helping to defend it.


Some excellent answers so far. But just to add to what has already been said, you can cancel your jobs, but you have to do it before the industry service modules have been offlined (i.e. before the structure hits its hull timer).

As others have said, using upwell structures provide some powerful bonuses, but those bonuses are balanced with increased risks. Thus, it is up to you to figure out how to mange those risks (i.e. use the structures of guys that are likely able to defend their ■■■■, and decide whether or not you should cancel your jobs before the armor timer (if armor is depleted, it will offline mods)).

Judging by the fact that you were able to do 10 runs of research at a time, it is likely that the blueprints in jeopardy are easily replaced and researched again. So, consider yourself lucky that you learned your lesson by paying a rather modest price.

And, if you’re lucky, the owners will successfully defend the hull timer and re-online the service mods. In fact, you can also try contacting them to see if they want help defending. Who knows, you might have some fun and/or make some new friends.


its on Hull timer now, so I guess someone will either destroy it soon or they will stock it back up and online the modules.
As you say risk/reward and I understood all that, I just wasn’t aware that my production line would be held hostage. But all good, all part of life in space!

Many thanks for everyone’s help, o7

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