Manufacturing job paused

I was building a golem in an Azbel in high sec.
I logged on to discover the job has been paused with only several hours left on the production run.

When I dock up in the Azbel, the industry slot has been disabled. I assume the owner simply offlined the manufacturing slot.

I would like to know what happens if I manually stop the production run.
Do all my input material get returned to me ?
Or do I lose everything when I stop production ?

I have tried to get in touch with the Azbel owner, but had no reply.

Any help would be much appreciated.


  • If the service module for Manufacturing or Research services goes offline, the respective jobs in the structure will be paused until the service comes back online.
  • If the service module for Manufacturing or Research is removed, or the structure is destroyed, the respective jobs will be cancelled. No material will be refunded for cancelled jobs.

Which basically means unless the structure owner puts the module back online, you’re going to lose the materials.

It’s a danger when using Engineering Complexes you don’t control. If you don’t trust the owner, you’re probably better of doing expensive jobs in NPC stations even tho it costs a bit extra.

Trust no one.

Actually, I did trust the owner of an EC, and now I’m in the same boat. However, I haven’t lost much - it was a cheap BP and a small job. But as suggested, I won’t make that mistake again.

Thanx for the info m8.
Much appreciated.

I was using a raitaru for a month. Talked with the owner and thought everything would be fine for a while so I installed 20 slots for 2 weeks worth of production. I log in the next day and the raitaru is gone and I lost all my materials. The guy took the whole thing down without a word.

I also have 300 mil stuck on one of my characters only 6 hours from completion because the lab is out of fuel. The guy that owns it has been AFK for 3 weeks and I’m losing hope he will come back.

If you are doing serious production pay the station fee or get your own raitaru.


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