Report: Industrial orders in ........ were suspended

Hello Pilots,

From: DED * Sent: 2019.10.04 18:54 One or more of your industrial jobs in the … was interrupted because the service modules used are no longer active. :roll_eyes:

Since the owner is at war with a pirate cooperation, I have no access to my original blueprints, which is the shield of the structure when regenerating.

How can I get my original blueprints?

This is not nice news and for me as affected no solution, because I know that some players have placed orders there.

Suggested solution:
A simple query as to whether jobs are running in the structure. Only modules that are not needed can be interrupted. For running orders information to the player that he has 24 hours to cancel the orders. After the time has expired, the modules are automatically go offline.

The solution can be that simple and everyone is satisfied.

This game mechanics has a direct influence on the playing behavior among each other and on the production values in the respective region.

Many players in HIGH-SEC offer their services to all players to pay a part of the running costs. There is a 1% tax offer, although you can not guarantee that the orders can be completed successfully. In the real world, this is a breach of contract with legal consequences.

There are certainly thousands of structures in HIGH-SEC that fail to cover the running costs by generating ISK. The trust is not there and it will certainly be less produced in the future.

I have contacted CCP and hope for your support.:wink:

Your BPO’s are safe. If the structure dies they will be put in asset safety. If it survives and has fuel, the jobs will pick up where they left off.

The downside of using player structures is risk. Both risk of war and risk that the owner will simply forget to add fuel. If you want complete safety, you can work in an NPC station. The downside there is no bonuses and higher taxes. Your choice.

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Thank you for your feedback
I’ll watch that, but anyway you have a loss of time that you can not influence because you do not know what the owner of the structure is up to and have to wait.:roll_eyes:

You know the corporation that owns the structure and can easily find out who the CEO is and send them an email. That individual is another player who may be happy to chat with one of their tenants. You won’t know unless you try!


The operation of a structure is generally free. However, fuel is needed to run each module. After a few Eve mails, the Corp decided to fill the structure with fuel. Those who are unsure during the war can use

Blockade Runners :candle:

for transport and keep the structure online 24/7 to avoid misunderstandings.:thinking:

I received my original blueprints but lost 9 days.

or you can add your non-wardeccable corp with rights to take control of the structure, they then can put fuel in the fuel bay.

Sounds like all is working as intended

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