TE researched paused - can't cancel it?

I’m researching some BP’s in HS and the structure has gone low power so the research is paused. I’ve flown over there and can’t cancel the jobs. What happens now? If they fuel it will it restart? If it dies, do I lose them?

i dont know about fuel but this is how you can get them out and/or what happens when it dies https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/208289365-Asset-Safety

The jobs will continue, not restart.

Yes, it’ll be gone.

Perhaps you are able to refuel by yourself. If you have access to the fuel bay, you can put there just any kind of fuel blocks to put the station online again.

Structures only drop BPOs in abandoned state. That said, if it’s in low power there’s a good chance of it going abandoned.

bit of a tip if your getting into industry/research in HS, send a mail to the structure owning corp asking if they intend to fuel and defend it for any jobs over 5 days long, if you get no reply within a couple of days - don’t use it.

you can also show info on the structure and corp that owns it, check the war tab and see if they are at war, most likely if its blown up in HS your stuff will go into asset safety.


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