HiSec invention/research

Hey guys, I’m a returning player. I’ve always “dabbled” in Industry as a side income/something fun. Now that we have all these citadels in HiSec, I’m wondering about doing research/invention at them. What are the costs associated with this? Is there an NPC tax? A structure tax set by the owner (I’d imagine so). If the owner decides to deny docking rights, will my jobs be returned via asset safety? Thanks.

There is an NPC cost at all structures and there can be a tax from the owning corp. If the blueprint is not in use you can asset safety it. If the BP is being used for a job and the station service runs out of fuel it can make the job stuck. So there is some issues with it.

Tax set by owner and system index cost. Mostly don’t care about first one but system index can be pain in ass.

And don’t forget the fuel for the service. They add up to 100M+ per month per service. And in the event of your structure getting forcefully decommissioned, your BPs are locked in asset safety for 5-20 days and you have to pay even more to get them back.

If you choose to rent, you are trusting the landlord to fuel and defend the structure. There are some large organizations like Eve Mogul with engineering complexes scattered throughout highsec - generally adjacent to trade hubs so the system cost index will be quite high.

For research, the job cost is a function of how long the job takes so a low index system and time efficiency rigs make a huge difference - especially for things like capital prints where the job can take months.

not really. Each bp has its cost and time values, and some jobs are just much more expensive than other for the same time. eg I recently paid 200M for one job, without realizing it, for a mere 30d - while other jobs that last in the 50days only cost 10M.

Also low index system is bound to become high index system very fast.
Just 10 alts doing research can bring your index to 3-4 in a month.

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