Asset Safety tax goes to station owner

When an enemy deposits his loot in my station and asset safeties it, i should get that tax he pays.

If the citadel is anchored, cored, online and not reinforced, i should get that tax.

Do you transport his stuff to safety for him, or does Upwell do it?

If you suggest that you should be responsible for getting it all into safety, then are you prepared to put up the collateral to guarantee your delivery?

I feel like a better way of handling this would be to only allow the cargo deposit to work on shipping wraps unless you have docking access.

Keeps couriers to citadels viable, and keeps people from dropping their ESS bonds into your station and going “lol asset safety.”

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How is upwell going to transport his loot if i dont construct the upwell station? And why does upwell get control over what goes in and out of MY station?

“you will own nothing and you will be happy”

I guess in New Eden, we only rent our citadels from Upwell, who manages them on our behalf. Upwell staff has explicit control over what moves in and out of “my” station. I’m just thankful that they allow me to use their facility that i built?

Do you not set access lists? You can totally control who has access to your structure.

better plan.

Remove asset safety


You can control their ability to dock and use services but asset safety and cargo deposit are available for everyone and to my knowledge that can’t be changed.

Yeah you’re right, they can’t be changed.

At the same time, it also has no impact on the owner of the structure.

The OP’s post would make sense if the owner of the structure was responsible for the safety of other players assets. But they aren’t. Asset safety is about moving them out of a structure, not safely storing them there; and the owner of the structure has no involvement is any aspect of ensuring those assets are moved to a different location safely.

even better plan;

remove asset safety, and let us conquer citadels if we hold it at 1% on its hull timer.

i miss the firesales

The issue is probably that a hostile character can grab valuable loot (such as ESS bonds) and warp to one of your own citadels and use them to safely transfer the loot out of your space. So it has a small, tangential effect on the owner.

Yeah fair enough. That’s a good point.

Not sure in that specific situation, how the OP’s suggestion could even be implemented. How would the game know it’s his enemy making use of asset safety; and a blanket “tax goes to the owner” seems just wrong.

Nah no conquering. If they want to negotiate a transfer that’s fine.

Dont let people deposit items unless they can dock?

Or give me the tax they pay for asset safety?

Or disable asset safety and let me conquer the station instead of destroying it

Which was implemented to help haulers impacted by contract scams.

That used to produce tonnes of complaints so it was changed.

Not likely to be changed back.

Which goes back to my earlier response.

Asset safety isn’t about what is stored. It’s about moving to somewhere else.

Are you prepared to take on that responsibility and put up the collateral to guarantee you’ll safely transport their stuff?

allow contract scams and be more careful. Or let safety wraps be deposited only. Everything else requires docking rights. But seriously, why are we babysitting people from being scammed? This is eve. Scamming and espionage and subversion is half of the game

yeah. If i choose to move it via a courier contract. Otherwise i’ll let it sit in the station forever and they can forget about it.

I agree with you. Clearly CCP doesn’t.

Unfortunately, that was EVE, but it isn’t any longer. It’s a softer, more hand-holding game now than it used to be.

Fun Fact, you don’t own a station, and the fact that you thought you did makes this thread irrelevant.

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Also fun fact - even while he isn’t technically correct, we all still know what he means.

This seems relevant:

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