Are my assets really safe? How can I deliver assets early

So I joined a Corporation and then I moved my items to their player made station. I was concerned about my assets and I thought that I had to move my assets to asset safety for them to be safe but it turned out it is only when a structure gets destroyed. So I moved every single ship and item to asset safety, now I have to wait 5 days to get them out. Can I get them back early?

No. You must wait the 5 days. If you don’t move them then in another 15 days theyll automatically be moved to a station in losec if you are in null.

Assets inside a player structure are safe (= they don’t drop when the structure explodes), unless:

  • the structure is in wormhole space (and I think Pochven too)
  • the structure has not been fueled for a week, which changes the state to ‘abandoned’

In those two exceptional situations your assets could drop when the structure is attacked and blown up.

If the structure is outside wormhole space and your corporation keeps fuelling the structure, your assets will be safe.

Safe in this case means that when the structure explodes, your assets go to asset safety, where you can get them out for a small fee after a few days by delivering to another structure in the same system. Or in case there is none, you can get your stuff out after a longer wait for a bigger fee after it gets automatically delivered to a nearby low sec NPC station.

You can also manually trigger asset safety, which you did. In a few days you can have the assets delivered to a structure in the same system for a small fee.

So, are assets really safe in a fueled non-wormhole player structure?

Well, nothing is completely safe - in this case you will have a week-long warning when the structure is unfueled (state ‘low power’) before it goes ‘abandoned’, which is plenty of time to tell people to fuel it or to get your stuff out.

And if you have some very valuable stuff that you definitely do not wish to risk losing, maybe keep that in an NPC station and only store your daily use ships and loot in your corporation’s structure.

Personally I keep almost everything in my alliance fortizar as I trust it won’t go abandoned and I am active enough to see when it would somehow go low power.

When you take a long break (months, year) from the game I do recommend storing your stuff in an NPC station, but otherwise a player structure will be safe enough.


Well this is good news I just have to wait for 2 more days since I literally put everything in asset safety

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