Lost Ships

(Scott DuGalle) #1

So, like any other person in EVE, i moved my ships around and stuff, whether or not it rangers from a 5 System Jump to a (In my case) 21 system Jump. During the Process, i docked my Moa Class Cruiser at a station (I forget which) and didnt save the Location. My question is, is there a way to find your ships when you lose them?

(Bloody Shell) #2

In your personal assets tab.

(ISD Sakimura) #3

Use the Assets window (ALT+T) to locate it, go to the search tab and either write “Ship”, or if you know the specific class like “Moa”, and hit “Enter” and you will get a list of stations where you have Ships or Items (with “Ship” in it’s name).

(Mithros) #4

Yeah, it’s the button right above your wallet.

Shows you all the stations where that character has things. Happy hunting.

(Laika Saisima) #5

Personal Assets, it’ll probably be the one 19 jumps away and only 1 item.

(system) #6

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