Lost Ships

So, like any other person in EVE, i moved my ships around and stuff, whether or not it rangers from a 5 System Jump to a (In my case) 21 system Jump. During the Process, i docked my Moa Class Cruiser at a station (I forget which) and didnt save the Location. My question is, is there a way to find your ships when you lose them?

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In your personal assets tab.


Use the Assets window (ALT+T) to locate it, go to the search tab and either write “Ship”, or if you know the specific class like “Moa”, and hit “Enter” and you will get a list of stations where you have Ships or Items (with “Ship” in it’s name).


Yeah, it’s the button right above your wallet.

Shows you all the stations where that character has things. Happy hunting.

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Personal Assets, it’ll probably be the one 19 jumps away and only 1 item.

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